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As the landscape of education evolves,
we help educators and students thrive.

Transform your educational experience through professional development, program refinement, student advocacy, and coaching with Boston Group.


We help you create stronger learning environments,
and excel in them.

The Boston Group’s guiding purpose is to support school communities in creating the best possible teaching and learning environments for all learners and educators alike. 

All of our consultants are exceptional educators and school leaders within their respective areas of focus, and will expertly guide your team through specific program refinements and professional development experiences for faculty and staff. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to connect with school stakeholders at all levels and develop an understanding of their needs and aspirations. Skilled in our ability to identify and implement improvement systems, we support school leaders on their journeys to achieve their strategic goals and most importantly impact their students. 

Additionally, we work with individual students and their families; serving as advocates in the school setting, student mentors and coaches, and supporting families in finding their best fit educational environments.

35 + Years of Experience



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What We Do

Whether you're an educator looking for actionable strategies, parents searching for the best fit program or school for your child, or a student needing coaching through the admissions process, we're here to help!


Customized Professional Development

Our approach to professional development is to create experiences directly aligned to a school's strategic goals, and deliver them in ways that involve, engage, and excite your team.

Program refinement

Do you have a program at your school that you want to improve? Do you need a fresh perspective? We can help your school to streamline current structures, or completely reinvent or redefine an existing program.

student SERVICES

student advocacy

Our team will work as liaisons, to help both parents and educators understand a child's specific learning needs and how to best support them in the classroom.

individual student coaching

For students who need support with executive function skill development, and strategies for success in the classroom and beyond; we work one on one to help build compensatory strategies.

Finding Your Best Fit Educational Environment

Moving from a new area? Need to find the best K-12 school or program for your children? Or, looking for support in the college admissions process? We can help you find your best fit.



The Boston Group provided me with the best PD I have ever received. It was authentic, relevant, engaging and I learned so much!
Classroom Teacher
South Florida
The Boston Group was able to push my staff further in one week's time than we would have been able to accomplish in a year.
American International School, Bolivia
You guys are so much fun to work with! Thanks for creating an engaging workshop that pushed me out of my comfort zone.
Graduate Student of Education
South Florida
I have never met two people with such a deep understanding of - and compassion for - students who learn differently as well as those who teach them. Each and every student and teacher is made to feel like a superhero. Their impact on others, especially my son, has been immeasurable.
South Florida

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