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We're dedicated to helping students and educators thrive.


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By placing our clients at the center of every decision, and fostering a relationship-driven approach to uncovering and supporting their unique needs, we help individuals and organizations become stronger than they were yesterday. 


To cultivate knowledge and transform lives.

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Brandon Boston

Brandon Boston currently serves as the Director of an International Summer Camp, where he coordinates the development of emerging markets that offer school-aged students (7-18) the opportunity to experience targeted academic programs in language development and global leadership development, as well as providing exposure to an authentic Northeastern camping experience. Brandon is the founder of The Boston Group, where he consults for school communities, delivers faculty workshops, and counsels families on school choice at both the K-12 and higher education levels. 

Brandon is a strong advocate for all students and families and has been committed to supporting students in multiple capacities for more than a decade. Serving as an Athletic Academic Coordinator, Student Government Advisor, Secondary History Teacher, and the Director of Lighthouse Point Academy: a school for students that learn differently, Brandon has been able to channel his talents and extensive expertise in special education, technology integration, accessibility, and service-learning to make a significant impact on student learning and outcomes. Brandon is an engaging, motivating, and inspirational presenter and trainer.


Tanya Lynch

Tanya Lynch currently serves as a High School Principal in South Florida, where she oversees all academic programming for students from both domestic and international communities around the globe. Tanya is the co-founder of The Boston Group; where she consults for school communities and delivers professional development workshops for faculty and staff. Tanya channels her vision and passion for education into deliberate and well-planned actions that yield effective and notable results. She is a self-starter, as well as a driver of positive change, and she motivates and inspires those around her. 

In her 19 years as a classroom teacher, Assistant Principal, Principal, and education consultant, Tanya has developed both her own expertise and the capacity of other educators in their abilities to foster, grow and sustain school-wide cultures centered around high-quality instruction, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. An engaging, impactful, and exceptional presenter and trainer, Tanya’s expertise centers around creating and sustaining cultures of thinking, standards-based learning, using data to inform instruction, and making learning accessible


We're committed to helping students and educators thrive.


We believe in relationships first and foremost


We believe in getting to know you, and developing a path forward that holds true to your vision.


We believe in breaking things down into actionable and manageable elements, and making processes intuitive.


We believe that ongoing interaction and clear communication is foundational to success.


We believe in solutions oriented approaches and doing whatever it takes to ensure that your goals are realized.

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