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Whether you're an educator looking for actionable strategies, parents searching for the best fit program or school for your child, or a student needing coaching through the admissions process, we're here to help!

Customized Professional Development

Our approach to professional development is to create experiences directly aligned to a school's strategic goals and deliver them in ways that involve, engage, and excite their team.

Program refinement

We can help your school to streamline current structures or completely reinvent or redefine an existing program.

student advocacy

Our team will work as liaisons, helping both parents and educators understand a child's specific learning needs and how to best support them in the classroom.

individual student coaching

Our coaching is for students who need support with executive function skill development and strategies for success in the classroom and beyond. We work one on one to help build compensatory strategies.

Finding Your Best Fit Educational Environment

Moving from a new area? Need to find the best K-12 school or program for your children? Or, looking for support in the college admissions process? We can help you find your best fit.

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We offer educational services for both students and educators. Request a free consultation and we will be in touch shortly.